Warning (113015): Width of data items in <mem_init>.hex is greater than the memory width

from https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/programmable/articles/000081351.html


You may see this warning when using memory initialization files generated by the mem_init_generate make target in the makefile generated by the Nios® II Embedded Design Suite (EDS).


To change the generated .hex files to have a record length that matches the memory data port width, modify the mem_init.mk file within the BSP directory:

  • Find the $(ELF2HEX) command
  • add the following switch:


XXXXXX = $(ELF2HEX) –record=4 $< $(mem_start_address) $(mem_end_address) –width=$(mem_hex_width)  $(mem_endianness) –create-lanes=$(mem_create_lanes) $(elf2hex_extra_args) $@

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